Interesting Landmarks in Redondo Beach, California

Redondo Beach landmark

Redondo Beach in California is full of interesting landmarks and historic buildings.  Here's a look at some of the most interesting landmarks in and around the area.

The Friends Empty Chair Memorial

This memorial is just one of the beautiful landmarks in Redondo Beach, and if you want to meet people and learn more about the memorial, you can stop between 9 and 11 AM on the first Saturday of the month for a coffee/donut morning gathering.

Veterans Park

This park is located quite close to the beach on 309 Esplanade. There are stairs leading directly from these landmarks in Redondo Beach. The park has benches for visitors to sit down and relax, and it's a nice quiet, relaxing location.  The park has a nice quirky feel to it, and you can enjoy the view of the ocean in privacy. There is some foot traffic - because there are some PokeStops and even gyms in the area - but it's still a place that you can stop and not have to worry about being interrupted if you want some quiet relaxation. There is metered parking nearby, and there's parking at the nearpier too.

Veteran's Memorial

The Veteran's Memorial is a bit further inland from the beach, on Torrance Blvd. It's a very small memorial but also one of the best known landmarks in Redondo Beach, but it's worth taking a moment to take a look at it if you're ever passing the Torrance City Hall. Spare a thought for the veterans and the heroes left behind.

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Rolling Hills Estates City Hall

Another interesting landmark that is a little to the south of Redondo Beach is the Rolling Hills Estates City Hall. This modern building is a big part of the life of the area and is quite picturesque for a piece of civil engineering.

This part of California is actually quite modern, and that means that there isn't a lot in terms of truly historic buildings or landmarks.  If you head further north, up towards Hawthorne, you'll find that there's a Beach Boys landmark - which was, as the name suggests, constructed in homage to The Beach Boys and their legacy. It's a small structure, featuring the names of each of the Beach Boys cut into some gold 45 records, as well as a simple sculpture of the band members all holding a surfboard. There is an inscription describing the nature of the landmark, and the people that were involved with it.  The sculpture marks the location of their former family home, which is no longer standing because of the construction of the freeway. The inscriptions also list the names of donors who helped to build the landmark.

If you're a fan of the Beach Boys, why not head to Fosters Freeze on Hawthorne itself. The band members used to hang out there, so it's worth a look - and there's plenty of memorabilia, as well as newspaper articles and photos for fans to have a look at.

The Freeway has changed the face of Hawthorne, but it's worth stopping by. The street is not far at all from LAX so it's easy to get to whether you are on the way to town to visit, or heading out for a special trip.

There's a lot to see and do in LA in general. A lot of people forget Redondo Beach and the surrounding area because they're so focused on Downtown LA and Hollywood, but take the time to explore the whole place, and see what it has to offer; you could get a huge surprise at how interesting and varied the history, is, and how beautiful outside of LA can be.